Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing - Palm Beach | South Florida

Fresh, Clean, Beautiful Tile and Grout

Your floors, shower walls, tub surrounds, hot tub surrounds, pool decks, countertops, and more can look and smell clean, fresh, and inviting again. We service both residential and commercial clients throughout Palm Beach and South Florida.

Tile and Grout Restored to Like New

Our highly trained technicians use professional deep cleaning equipment to achieve fantastic results. We use nonabrasive yet effective methods to loosen and extract deeply embedded soiling and thoroughly sanitize your tile, grout, and baseboards for a deep down clean, then seal the grout lines to protect from staining.

If you have damaged tiles or grout we can replace those as well.

We resolve these and other problems:
  • Remove minor surface discolorations.
  • Extract deeply embedded dirt and grime.
  • Clean up pet accidents and residual odors.
  • Remove buildup from improper cleaning solutions.
  • Seal grout lines to provide protection from staining.
  • Replace broken tiles
  • Replace missing grout