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We provide free estimates. There have occasionally been special circumstances that required us to charge a fee for estimation, but this is never done without your prior notification.

Restoration of stone is the restoring of worn stone–marble, travertine, granite, etc.—to the state in which it was installed. Or better. It may also entail the altering of the stone’s surface to match a desired finish of the installation’s owner or management. In some cases an owner may desire a polished finish to be changed to a honed finish or vice versa. Restoration includes the use of such techniques as: polishing, honing, grinding (lippage removal), deep cleaning, sealing, and chip/crack repair.

You can expect to have your stone looking like new again and to be provided with proper maintenance instructions for long term care. Scratches, etch marks and wear can be removed. We may also advise you about how you can avoid any future need for complete restoration. The exact details will depend upon your specific needs. We are happy to provide free estimates.